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$65 per Year
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  • Killer Feature
  • Awesome Feature


$99 per Year
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$199 per Year
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woman-face-3This product really helped me. More than words could possibly explain. Like, a lot.

woman-face-4Before finding this product, I used to cry myself to sleep every night.

womans-face-1This product is the best thing since sliced bread. Great job!

Frequently Asked Questions


Subscription: Lite

This is Ad Robot’s entry level plan that lets you start making your own videos. Our basic library is suitable for many simple video types. We provide a customised template that includes your colours and logo.

Subscription: Creative GO

Ideal for Conferences, small businesses, Startups and Personal Brands. We create 1 bespoke template to get you started, then our designers can provide additional templates at a discounted rate.

Create Unlimited Videos every month.

Subscription: Agency

You work at a small to medium sized business. You know your product and your brand & you want to get the message out, without spending valuable time.

Ad Robot sets you up with your own professionally produced video, which you can customise an unlimted number of times, plus 4 hours of professional video editor time to help make use of it.

Whether your store has a new set of inventory every week, your fashion line changes regularly, or your brands cycle with the seasons, with Ad Robot, you can update your video daily, creating new professional video ads for Sales, Seasons, Events or Demographics.

One Click. All Formats.

Subscription: Enterprise

The Complete End- to End Video Marketing Solution. Forget hiring a video production company or advertising agency.

Ad Robot sets you up with your very own video pipeline, training and support, giving you unlimited professional marketing videos, vlogs and internal communication and training media for a flat monthly fee.

You’ll recieve a complete media pack

12 hours support to update these (after which you’ll still have access to edit manually)
Training resources and support, enabling you to create high end vlog content.

Number of Seats: