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Hyper-personalisation Case Study - Dropbox

Designing in 4D

Traditional design lives in a 2D space. At Ad Robot, we design in 4 dimensions, ensuring our designs work across any format, with any text configurations, and in motion.


One sequence, any format.

Ad Robot's unique approach to motion design means we can create one design, and output it for multiple formats, devices and screens, instantly.



Given a list of locations, names, offers or images, Ad Robot can instantly create hundreds or even hundreds of thousands of variations of a given video - output as rendered movies, and ready for facebook or youtube pre-roll.


Personalised videos in Real-Time

Ad Robot can even take these hypertargeted videos and layer on data-driven personalisation. This means you we can create videos at the most granular level. Videos that talk to the user by name, mention current events, weather, up to date imagery, local sports matches or just about anything you can think of.

This means millions of videos - potentially a unique video marketing experience for every unique customer.

Localisation Case Study - Dropbox Connect